Mounting options:

  • Standard cymbal stand or boom arm (with or without cymbal)

  • Stacked on another cymbal with a Gibraltar SC-MCSA4

  • On an LP373 woodblock mount

  • On an LP Jamblock screw-on bracket

  • Sitting on the snare or floor tom

A mount-able closed hi hat sound perfect for low-volume rooms and easy kit expansion.

Play it with brushes, sticks, mallets, or cajon bundles. It’s made from 4 pieces of metal, stacked interchangeably to provide a sound as loose or as clicky as you want. We use a variety of beautiful woods for the block, all sealed in a durable clear finish, so find a grain that speaks to you go for it!

Add The Clap

We've developed an addition to the HardHat that gives a flat “Clap” sound, and you can mix up your stack to make it metallic or woody. It's 2 pieces of durable plywood, one with a random line design, and one that's just our logo.


$80 - $95


$110 - $125


$80 - $95


$80 - $95


$80 - $95


$110 - $125


$80 - $95

The Clap