Doom Tek Combo

Doom Tek Combo


This is where electronic music meets hand percussion. These birch and oak boxes come wired with a contact mic on the top surface that gives a different sound depending on where and how you strike it. The can be played with brushes, fingers, sticks, and mallets through amps or straight into an audio interface. You can use it to make percussion samples and build loops if you like, but it is predictable enough to play the same rhythm repeatedly with good results. The face is wider than the average stompbox, and you're going to be surprised at how responsive and varied the tones are. This is not a step-on unit, this is intended as a desktop or drum-kit-side piece.

It comes in three sizes:

The TEK Box is 6"x6"x2" and has a tenor sound.
The DOOM Box is 8"x8"x2" and has a deeper sound.

Each box features one of our trademark razor-sharp paint lines in one of 5 shades of gray, and the boxes are sealed for durability. They’ve got a Switchcraft jack and sturdy rubber feet to prevent slippage.

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