HardHat - Mahogany

HardHat - Mahogany

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The HardHat gives you adjustable sounds like a closed Hi-Hat, but fits in a stick bag and mounts easily. The Index HardHat is made from 4 pieces of metal, stacked interchangeably to provide a sound as loose or as clicky as you want. We use a variety of beautiful woods for the block, all sealed in a durable clear finish, so find a grain that speaks to you go for it!

Add The Clap

We've developed an addition to the HardHat that gives a flat Clap sound, and you can mix up your stack to make it as metallic or loose as you want. It's 2 pieces of durable plywood, one with a random line design, and one that's just our logo, so you can be as fancy as you want to be.

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Brian Cauti with the HardHat and Forest King Heads

Carter McClean with The Clap

Carter McClean with the HardHat in 3 tempos

Steve Goold with the HardHat and the FlapJack Snare