Shoe Box - Cherry/Ash

Shoe Box - Cherry/Ash


The Shoe Box is a steady thump. 

Available in a variety of wood body, face, and stripe color combinations so you can pick your favorite look (they all sound and play the same). More styles will be arriving over time, so check back if you don't see one that speaks to you.

Do you want to cover Mumford and Sons, but you don't want to tote a  bass drum around everywhere? Does your standup bass take up so much room in your Honda Element that you can't bring your drummer on tour? Get yourself a Shoe Box.

The Shoe Box is a stomp box that we've developed to have a predictable response and minimal chance at feedback. With a sturdy face and thick structure, it's durable and heavy enough to keep a steady beat through even the most energetic Post-Folk breakdowns. The rubber feet keep it from becoming a moving target, and the sloped top means you can keep your heel on the ground and still make good contact. We use premium wood and Switchcraft hardware to make sure these will hold up for years. These can be plugged in to anything you can plug a guitar into. Bass and guitar amps and soundboards are the most common, but you can also plug them into an audio interface and go nuts, similar to the Doom/Tek boxes we make. The Shoe Box comes in many flavors, all with substantially the same performance, just with different weight and appearance. Choose the one that speaks to you, stop toting around that bass drum, and get to stomping!

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