Ever since we created the Index Snare, we've been asked when we're going to build the Cajon Kit.

This is it.

These heads turn your drums into cajons, and can be played with the sticks you already own. Brushes and specialty cajon sticks open up the possibilities, and adding a wooden bass head really ties the whole kit together. Mounting is simple and takes under 3 minutes per drum. It's completely reversible and won't hurt your kit; you’re literally just changing the heads. Try them on the reso side for timpani tones and round sounds.

We make them in two thicknesses:

  • The 100 is thinner a little more responsive

  • The 125 is thicker and a little more durable.

Forest King Wooden Drumheads

100 Series

Starting at $18

125 Series

Starting at $18

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Cajon Snares

Index Snare


FlapJack Snare


Forest King Snare Maple

ON SALE! $200

Forest King Snare Walnut

ON SALE $225


In Action