Our Story


Hey guys, Paul here, I’m writing this at 2am, so forgive me for everything.

When I signed up for Etsy in 2011, I didn’t have a plan. I just knew that I loved to build things and that I wanted to be useful. What began as a cajon company quickly evolved as I listened to you guys and kept trying new things. I started staying up late in our old garage (see above) cutting and gluing and sanding and sealing, eventually conjuring the Doom/Teks, then the JackSaw, then the Index Snare, then the Forest King Heads, and most recently, the HardHat. I build and ship everything we sell, and I take alotta pride in that.

My guiding rules for this venture are pretty simple:

  • Be original

  • Don’t do anything stupid

  • Don’t try to talk anyone into buying from you

  • Don’t burn out

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, you have seen other cajon snares and beercan shakers, but I’m going to tell you that Index Drums did it first. We moved to a new home/workshop in 2016, where we now live with our 2 boys, and life is good.

Index Drums is making high quality percussion instruments for a very small group of people, and we’re thrilled to death about it.
— My Etsy bio from 2011. Still true

What’s Index?

I was born with a birth defect where the second bone in my index finger is a triangle. It shaped my childhood, and it helped push me toward drums - the instrument where my defect wasn’t a barrier to playing. When I was a kid, my fingers were a big deal to me. Later I realized that we’re all making lemonade with something. That’s why we’re Index Drums. We’re playing the cards we’ve got and loving every minute of it.

I’ve gotten alotta help along the way, from Dylan and Dan and Montgomery and Andrea and Fred and Aaron and Ivy and Jose and Brian and Joe and Joe and oh man the list goes on. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, and more than anything - I want to know what sounds you are missing on your kit. So drop me an email or a DM and let’s make the next thing together.

Thanks for everything :)