FlapJack Snare

FlapJack Snare

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The Index Piccolo Snare brings the wooden tone of a cajon to your trap kit setup, or the familiar snare drum posture to your cajon playing. The center is a responsive "snare" tone, and the edge cracks for rimshots are unreal. The Piccolo version of the original takes the tone up a notch and increases the portability with half-height. Both Snares fit in a standard 3-prong snare stand, piece of cake.

The Snare has wooden faces on the batter and reflex sides. We love the Vater Little Monster sticks for the snare, and also Broomsticks, standard Monsters, and all types of brushes. Wooden sticks and our bamboo sticks aren't recommended.

You can pick your wood face material (Ash-white, Mahogany-reddish, or Walnut-brown). The wood faces are about 95% the same sound, so go with your heart, they all sound fantastic.

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