HardHat - The Strips

HardHat - The Strips

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If you’ve already got a HardHat, or you’re getting one in a Starter Pack, you can still get The Strips!

The Clap - We've developed an addition to the HardHat that gives a flat Clap sound, and you can mix up your stack to make it as metallic or loose as you want. It's 2 pieces of durable plywood, one with a random line design, and one that's just our logo.

The Strips - Available in Steel or Birch, The Strips add a jingly jangly tambourine (steel) or typewriter (birch) effect to your HardHat rig. They can be mixed and matched with any other HardHat strip, or each other, for some wild combos. They’re 2 strips per set, one with 2 jangles and a flat spot intended for hitting, and one with 4 jangles intended for hanging. But I know you guys aren’t going to let me tell you what to do, so go nuts.

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