JackSaw 26"

JackSaw 26"


The "Musical Saw" and the Electric Guitar have been around for decades. The JackSaw combines the sounds of the singing saw with the easy amplification of the electric guitar into a clean and simple package.

You want to plug in to some pedals? Not a problem.

You want to move around the stage and jam out a solo? You got it.

You're tired of the reverb with your current saw monitor setup? We've got you covered.

I'm not the first person to mount a pickup to a saw blade, but you won't find a cleaner, more contained electric saw than the Index Drums JackSaw. Which is why we're Patent Pending.

The 26" blade gives a good range with decent portability. Each saw features a clean, sealed blade with no brands printed on it, smooth edges with no teeth so you won't chop you fingers up, and a one-of-a-kind vintage handle.

The handles are carefully restored and given a shot of Montana 94 paint before being sealed for durability. Some saws are stamped with the names of previous owners or marred from years of use. We have tried to maintain a sense of history, making sure that "Otis" and "Oliver" and "Brit" and "Bishop" still keep their names on the tool with which they once earned their livings.

The musical saw is an easy instrument to start. There are tons of great youtube video demonstrations, and you'll be making it sing within an hour, for sure.

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